The government should not politicize individual criminal cases or make them ethnically specific. It must act based on evidence.

– Ilham Tohti

Ilham Tohti was a professor at the Minzu University of China and he was also the founder of the (a website that discusses Uyghur issues that later authorities shut down). With his strong belief in Non-violent and fight for Equal Rights, He had been peacefully criticized the Chinese government’s brutal policies and oppression toward Uyghur People, because of that in 2014, he was jailed and sentenced for life in prison.

Mr.Tohti was born in Atush, Xinjiang China. He achieved his bachelor from Beijing Normal University and for his graduate degree on Economics from the Central Nationalities University (Minzu University of China). After his graduation, he worked as a professor in economics at that university until 2014.
He created and run as admin for the From that website, he published many articles about the unjustice situations of Uyghur people. He proposed solutions and requested for the end of the Chinese government’s sever discrimination and suppression in Xinjiang.
Academically, he had researched about the current issues and the Unemployment and Income Inequality in Uyghur region.